Pet bottle flake recycling and cleaning production line process

The scientific name of pet is polyester, which is a crystalline thermoplastic resin. The recycling of waste pets directly affects industrial development.

In China, pet plastics are mainly used to make films, bottles, etc. With the increasing consumption of pet bottles, its recycling is becoming increasingly important.

The quality of the recycling of pet bottles is affected by two factors: one is sorting, and the other is cleaning.

Sorting is to separate PVC doped in pet bottles, other polymer bottles and colored bottles. Many domestic factories use manual sorting. In Europe and America, sorting equipment is more popular.

The cleaning line of waste general pet bottle flakes includes pre-washing part, washing part, rinsing part and other processes

Pre-washing part: Use water to remove the abrasive pollutants on the surface of the material. The water used in this part comes from the cleaning process, otherwise the water will be discharged as wastewater

After the pre-washing part, the adhesive label glue began to melt and the PVC bottle began to fade.

Pet bottle flake cleaning part: the remaining glue and other contaminants can be separated by cleaning tanks, horizontal separators and other equipment. At the same time, in the cleaning process, continuous or intermittent cleaning can be selected according to whether the impurity content of the material is uniform.

Rinsing process: It can separate polymers with different densities and clean the substance again and balance the pH value.

Under normal circumstances, after such high-quality cleaning, the content of various impurities is controlled at about 10PPM.